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HIMYM on Twitter: "An @NRDC msg 4 Marshall: Door's always open but found a placeholder til u arrive. #marshpillow http://t.co/NYRmktYPYD ...


A Political History of “How I Met Your Mother”

The only thing that got Marshall through law school, was his desire to work for the NRDC – The National Resources Defense Council, and become an ...


I'm Not That Guy Poster

NRDC Letter to Marshall: From the Office of the NRDC President - How I Met Your Mother - CBS.com

Funny or Die Is Dead Serious About Political Satire

When Marshall calls her out, she tells him that he's never supported her career, despite evidence to the contrary. This is her biggest complaint and because ...

Season 6 promo: Source

Lily tries to do the right thing and offers to divorce Marshall, so he can apply for the apartment himself. Instead, he forgives her and even though it's ...

Marshall Eriksen

He doesn't find out about the debt directly from Lily; he had to find out from the loan officer. His immediate reaction was to blame himself and his law ...

Controversial Opinion ...

So the whole apartment purchase goes ahead, and they find out that the floor is slanted and needs repairs. So Marshall asks Lily to sell some of her ...


As has been the case this entire season, tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother was great. Tonight's episode looked at different types of relationships: ...

Then, the biggest fight of them all. Lily wants to move to Italy to be a consultant, while Marshall is offered a judgeship – something that he's wanted more ...

Then she becomes a bigger douche. She ignores Marshall and the baby, parties her face off and loses her marbles when Marshall just asks if they could spend ...

On top of that, she's fucking with Ted's love life. If she doesn't like his girlfriend, she finds a way to get rid of her. Over the course of the show to ...

The Exploding Meatball Sub

Once the baby is born, Lily gets worse. Because The Captain called her a kindergarten teacher, she steals his ashtray. Because she's angry that her life ...

HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 8 “Spoiler Alert”


#1 So first off, Lily leaves Marshall high and dry to go to San Francisco for three months, and when it doesn't work out, she comes home and begs to be back ...

The Bracket

Marshall gets the job at NRDC!

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The Exploding Meatball Sub | How I Met Your Mother Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Perfect Cocktail

So after countless years of unconditional support from Marshall, for whatever she needs, she can't handle a few weeks of being poor and being supportive of ...

Today marks three years since the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Like a lot of fans, even all this time later, I'm still torn on my feelings about that ...

#3And yet... Lily pushes and manipulates him to go to his big corporate interview, an interview which Marshall's father got him. Why?

How I Met Your Mother: "The Best Man" / "The Naked Truth




NRDC STAND UP! for the Planet 2017 4-25-2017

Look back at the first season of any long-running show, and there's a good chance you'll find something unrecognizable from what it ended up.



Connor "Bearcat" Martin

How I Met Your Mother Recap: Another One Bites the Dust

This Saturday ...

... Cho ...

The Exploding Meatball Sub

A fun episode with the focus on Barney, Lily and Marshall. The wedding is just round the corner for the happy couple, and everyone is convinced that Lily ...

#Marshpillow of @HIMYM_CBS is NRDC's newest environmental lawyer http://bit.ly/1r1yDDa #HIMYMFarewellpic.twitter.com/uHvYQlGt4U

This Saturday ...

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

While I have a deep love for How I Met Your Mother as a whole, I'm more than willing to admit that seasons seven and eight are rough.

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How I Met Your Mother Review- "The Third Wheel"


Imgurian proves that Lily was the worst character on HIMYM (28 Photos) : theCHIVE

A HIMYM Podcast @heybeautifulpod

When the fifth season first premiered, I was pretty ambivalent to it, mainly because of how invested I was in the mystery of the Mother.

Ricky Gervais Is Absolutely Right About Hollywood's Woman Problem

They ...

#himyfriendspod #himym #friends #podernfamilypic.twitter.com/O8iDBOW9l2

Ever since it was revealed that Lily was pregnant, we knew that the writers of HIMYM would have lots of source material. This week's episode involved Lily's ...

"How I Met Your Mother" Mystery vs. History (TV Episode 2011) - IMDb

Recap of How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - 1


5 Lessons We've Learned From 'How I Met Your Mother'

Marshall Eriksen holding a chart

Barney Stinson-The Awesomest Guy Ever

Recap of How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - 24. '

Alyson Hannigan speelt de Kinnergoornsche Lily Aldrin

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While season five was a loose, silly season, the show cranked the serialization dial up to 11 with its sixth year. A narratively self-contained arc for Ted ...



20 This Is Why Lily From “How I Met Your Mother” Was The Worst TV


There was another blog-worthy episode of How I Met Your Mother last night (maybe I should turn this into a HIMYM blog!)

HIMYM review Season 3 Episode 2 “We're Not From Here”


I am not emotionally prepared for the HIMYM finale. I'm going to need a Marshpillow to cry myself to sleep with tonight.

On sheer laughs, “The Naked Man” might actually be the funnier episode, but “The Best Burger in New York” comes close while also being an early example of ...

Environmental science professor Noah Garrison became friends with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas when they were

Favorite Scene

Cristin Milioti speelt de Mudder, de Ted negen lang Staffeln söcht

... P.S. I Love You – Season 8 Episode 15

Recap of How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - 7

#8 After she comes back from San Francisco, she has a string of "hobbies" and bad jobs, Ted feels bad.

... False Positive – Season 6 Episode 12

Now ...