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Python calculator numworks

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NumWorks Graphing Calculator

NumWorks Calculator

NumWorks is a cool calculator I am playing around with, it's starting my collection of “Python devices.” It appears to be running MicroPython 1.9.1.


[NumWorks calculator]

NumWorks Graphing Calculator Arrives At Adafruit

Probability app on the NumWorks graphing calculator


There are six applications to choose from: calculations, functions, sequences, statistics, probability and regression. (There's also a Python interpreter ...

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It's got a 2.8″ full color, backlit LCD screen with a 320×240 resolution for easy viewing of graphs and calculations. Sadly, it's not a touchscreen, ...

Numworks Calculator: The Better TI-84?

Numworks graphing calculator is made for students raised on tech. “


NumWorks Graphing Calculator

With 3D models and firmware source code available, you can mod this calculator for your projects. It comes with MicroPython installed.

First Look - Numworks Graphing Calculator (Graphical, review, A-level Maths)

Photos of the NumWorks graphing calculator showing the device, graphs and the python shell

Functions app on the NumWorks graphing calculator

13 - Gérer vos comptes après les vacances (Python sur NUMWORKS)

NumWorks poster ...


The Numworks 100 is the thinnest graphing calculator that we have ever reviewed. Below it is shown next to the TI-84 Plus CE

NumWorks calculator 1.1.0 - Python (beta) Mandelbrot test

The button layout is a bit different from most other calculators and might take a little while to get the hang of, but it is logical and has all the most ...

To compete with other modern calculators like the NumWorks graphing calculator, Texas Instruments wanted the new TI-83 Premium CE to run Python.

Python Mandelbrot fractal - NumWorks 1.1.2 & 1.2.0 (cmath) comparison

Reinvented Graphing Calculators

Sprite and tile graphic engine on the Numworks calculator

Adafruit interviews Numworks – Python Programmable calculator #micropython « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

Numworks 100 graphing calculator review

iPhone Screenshots

NumWorks Graphing Calculator

screenshots of the NumWorks simulator with various calculations, plots and the python console

NES emulator on NumWorks calculator


NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Gallery: Numworks Graphing Calculator press images | 14 Photos


The Casio fx-CG 50 joins the HP Prime and the French calculator NumWorks to add Python to its list of programming modes. The Python mode comes by a software ...


Open Source Calculator Teaches Us About Quality Documentation

The NumWorks calculator (click to enlarge)

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The interface of the app Probability in NumWorks

NumWorks programmable calculator with my custom Python based Shadowrun dice rolling tool on the screen

NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Vincent Pantal 🍩ni

Adding a Raspberry Pi inside a NumWorks calculator @numworks @raspberry_pi « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

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NumWorks Graphing Calculator on the App Store

Application Équations de la calcualtrice graphique NumWorks. Calculation ...

NumWorks: The graphing calculator that makes learning math easier.

Rather than just cramming the Pi and a cheap LCD into his Numworks graphing calculator, [Zardam] integrated it into the device so ...

NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Avec une politique de dévoloppement ouvert à la communauté à l'opposé de ce que l'on a pu voir auprès des constructeurs historiques, nous avons hâte de voir ...

Pim de Groot

Free emulator

NEW PRODUCT – NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator Dual Boots With Pi Zero

I found a problem using the rpn app : when the stack is full (more than 5 elements), I can't input more numbers, the EXE key is no longer working.

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NumWorks Graphing Calculator APK 10.0.1 - Free Education App for Android - APK4Fun

The NumWorks Graphing Calculator matches all the requirements of the ACT calculator policy and is permitted for use on that test.

... probas, équations, Python, divers calculs...), je l'aime Le moi élève se serait tellement amusé h24 avec (et le moi prof le fera aussi sans ...

NumWorks Graphing Calculator

Communication between two NumWorks proof of concept

Top 10 Best Graphing Calculators in 2019

Adafruit 2018 0098

[Image: AriCalculatorBlack.jpg]

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Casio Fx-Cg50 Prizm Calculator Img

Drawing performance is honestly quite terrible because the framebuffer isn't memory-mapped, but it's enough for a smooth Pong and probably other basic games ...

NEW PRODUCT - NumWorks Graphing Calculator · "

A side by side montage of the NumWorks graphing calculator and the Braun ET 66 calculator

Serial number, 0A8009800B51363138373537 ...


Interestingly, the TI-Python adapter has a Microchip ATSAMD21E18 chip and runs Adafruit's CircuitPython instead of the more common MicroPython.

Graphing Calculator poster ...

The top 5 graphing calculators for 2018 with detailed reviews >>

First Look at the Numworks Graphing Calculator

NumWorks Graphing Calculator on the App Store

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... probas, équations, Python, divers calculs...), je l'aime Le moi élève se serait tellement amusé h24 avec (et le moi prof le fera aussi sans ...

Treat yourself to a reading of NumWorks' excellent documentation. And if you need a new calculator, maybe consider the open source option.

Comparison Between Numworks, Casio, TI and HP Graphing Calculators - Speed Test

NumWorks - New OS