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Sharepoint list column filter not working

filter SharePoint lists and libraries

filter SharePoint lists and libraries

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Implementation of MS example

Has anyone actually got SharePoint lists to filter as specified in the examples on the MS blog?

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Filtering / sorting of Managed Metadata Columns not working


Creating SharePoint form with child items from another list

There is another choice called SharePoint – Get Item, which is not the same and will not work for this purpose.

Unable to filter or count objects columns with special characters like - or \ from SharePoint list


In this page you can select what are the fields required for the filtering. Here i am selecting 3 columns on Configure key filters section and click OK.

How to Query a SharePoint List from Another SharePoint List Using Microsoft Flow?

Once you have configured the Filter Web Part and connected it to the List View Web Part the fun starts. Just take a look at the following result rest:

KWizCom SharePoint List Filter Plus

Re: Filter field not returning expected value from SharePoint List. Column Details.jpg

SPO modern list view with multiple filters not filtering list

You can also use the constants Today and Me to filter your columns.

I have made a test on my side and please take a try with the following workaround: 2.JPG. Within Filter Query field ...

Select Filter Column

I've been using the new modern SharePoint library experience in Microsoft SharePoint Online for some time now. However every now and then I stumble across a ...

After adding the required web parts, our BA noticed that these controls were not appearing on the page as he would have expected despite the fact that the ...

How to retrieve more than 5K @SharePoint rows via @MicrosoftFlow paging.pic.twitter.com/rxECcmM5qN

Step 1 – Query List with filter condition “Checked Out To is not null” and save the field 'Checked Out To' in a collection variable 'collCheckedOutTo'

PowerApps Tip: Setting a SharePoint List Lookup Column

Working with Large Lists in SharePoint 2013 WHY YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THRESHOLDS AND ...

Sharepoint modern list column formatting

You can set up metadata navigation for a tree control in the left-hand panel

Applying REST Query Filter to Field with the SharePoint 2016 REST API

You should now add this site column to the list which needs to be filtered. A view on that list can now have a filter expression that uses this calculated ...

Set up managed metadata navigation filtering in SharePoint Online/2013


Columns Tab

Manage SharePoint Content Types

Limit columns by view option in get items SharePoint action

Compound Filtering in Data View Web Parts (DVWPs) with SharePoint Designer

sharepoint list view filter web part numeric field

filter SharePoint lists and libraries

Click on "OK" and now you will be able to see that the data has been sorted in ascending order on the "Age" field in the view.

Metadata Navigation

I want to check, if User login in PowerApps, that user exist or not in Manager Column. if exist filter gallery by Manager else Filter Gallery by Manager2.

... 2017-10-10_10-56-15

This contains the ID of the item in the parent list. In order to filter on this field in your query you need to use a OData operator $expand that tells it ...

How to Query a SharePoint List from Another SharePoint List Using Microsoft Flow?

Filter a Column by a Column from a Different Query in Power Query

The list that I query look like this:

http://demo2010a:90/_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Company/?$filter =startswith(Title,'O%27%27')

sharepoint list view filter web part text filed

filter people picker in sharepoint

Filter SharePoint List using date range .jpg

In the PowerApps Filter function, I set a filter on the Items property to only display items where “PowerAppFilter” = “1”.

Filter screenshot

SharePoint. Configure automatic column indexing for this list


Filter ...

ID Column doesn't show the check boxes

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SharePoint - add Calculated Column field



Even novices can quickly spin up mobile and tablet versions of forms for submitting, viewing, and editing SharePoint list items by simply letting PowerApps ...

In another post, we will explore more advanced concepts like connecting to multiple SharePoint lists and building relationships, branding and customizing ...

See below examples

SSRS –Join Multiple SharePoint List Columns Using LookupSet Function

Add a Calculated Value column to the form to display the Product Cost and configure the Control Settings with the following values:

KWizCom SharePoint Cascading Lookup. Create cascading fields. Easily filter field ...

SharePoint Online default unused managed properties

I wanted to filter the list if item is open or close and if my name appears in any of the three name column. But i am seeing both open and closed.

In General tab give your data source a unique name and define in Source tab the filter you want. In our case "State Equals 'Active'", like this:

If that's what you want, follow the instructions below. If it isn't let us know and we'll find a method for you.

John Liu 劉 @johnnliu


Color coded Sharepoint calendar enhances usability

JSON Column Formatting

Filter SharePoint List using date range2 .jpg

The lookup items of the child column (Company) can be filtered by parent columns (Location, Industry, and Company Size).

Whenever ...


In my case, I apply a text-filter that will select all lists whose names start with “Import”. That way my upcoming desired lists will automatically be ...

Query string filtering for BCS data

... to list item data with the ability to select the columns that they wish to see, apply data formatting, conditional formatting, grouping, filtering, ...

You should end up with something resembling the image below.

Now ...

Requesting the Items collection for the list will bring back all items and folders regardless of what folder they are in.

The flow works successfully as below: ...

My "PO List" was having a column called status and its type was Single line of text whereas in "PO 2" the type of status column was Choices .since i cannot ...


Viewing SharePoint Lists from within Microsoft Teams just got cool

You can see that the Title field is truly empty if I add it to the view and launch the SharePoint list filter pane:

In my list specifically, I want to know when comments are entered into my MLT field so I can do a targeted alert on great feedback we receive.

Publish the form and open it in the Orders list.

How to Query a SharePoint List from Another SharePoint List Using Microsoft Flow?

Number Filters Between

The default for Country is set to United States, but I can decide to change it if I'm inspecting all the beautiful beaches in Andorra.