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Web application proxy could not bind the ssl server certificate

How to Fix Web Application Proxy and AD FS Certificate Issues (Error Code 0x8007520C)

Select you server on the third page of the wizard and click Next

The error says that the WAP was unable to retrieve the configuration from the AD FS Server. I therefore logged onto the AD FS Server and discovered the ...

Click Next on the first page of the wizard


An option for enabling the Web Application proxy to use OAuth is not available through the ...

I could successfully view the published web applications and access to the IIS back end server was restored:

Setting up Web Application Proxy

I could successfully view the published web applications and access to the IIS back end server was restored:

On the Role Services page, select Web Application Proxy


To configure the Web Application Proxy, select the Warning flag at the top of Server Manager which will show a link to open the Web Application Proxy Wizard


Prepare your environment for SCEP Certificate Enrollment with Microsoft Intune | | System Center ConfigMgr

When comparing the certificate thumbprint provided by the WAP Server event with the one used by the AD FS certificate, I noticed they were completely ...

If you do did not mount the Windows Server 2012 R2 iso, you'll receive an error screen like the below and you will need to restart the entire install ...


Publish Lync 2013 with 2012 R2 Preview Web Application Proxy - Kloud Blog

On the Security tab, add the NDES server computer account and allow for Read and Enroll permissions.

To configure the Web Application Proxy, select the Warning flag at the top of Server Manager which will show a link to open the Web Application Proxy Wizard

How this is impacting the trust relationship between the WAP and the internal ADFS server?

After running this cmdlet, the WAP server came back online and the configuration could be successfully retrieved from AD FS.

On the Extensions tab, add Client Authentication as an Application Policy by clicking on Edit and select the EKU.

I have noticed that HTTP error 503 happens when I try to connect from WAP to ADFS server:

Create and renew SSL certificates to enable HTTPS on each website.

The command above re-installs the correct certificate on the WAP Server. Note that I'm using the correct certificate thumbprint (starting with 22121…):

adfsreplacessl21c. adfsreplacessl21c. Checking the WAP Application certificate ...

Screen shot of the certificate details page

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Setting Up Burp Suite Proxy

Server 2016 Tutorial: Create Self Signed Certificate and Bind in IIS

Web Application Proxy/Server 2012r2 release party.Trust me, I paid big bucks for this insider photo.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Server To Window Server 2016 OS?

Screen shot of the Certificates page

In order to make this work, the Web Application Proxy publishing rule for Office Web Apps Server must have the same 'ExternalURL' and 'BackendServerURL'.

certificate importation dialog


Charles Proxy on Android_Step 3.jpg

... explains how to establish a network topology in which Internet Information Services (IIS) acts as a reverse proxy for Atlassian server applications.

... 20 IIS client cert mapping

... the internal network are required in order for your Remote Desktop Gateway/Web Access server to properly function (authentication to Active Directory, ...

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Test SSL functionality for internal and external users to ensure that SSL is working as expected on the Federation Servers and the Federation Server Proxy ...

To open Terminal Service Plus Free Certificate Manager GUI, open Terminal Service Plus AdminTool, click on the "Web - HTTPS" tab, then click on "Generate a ...

Without changing anything I then rerun the command and it worked correctly.

Screen shot of CSR Wizard - Choose Certificate Function page

On the Server Role screen, choose Federation Server Proxy and click Next.

Here's how the solution works at a high level:


Configuring your AD FS 4.0 Federation Farm


NGINX configuration code for using the variables generated by Stream GeoIP module with the NGINX TCP

Step 3: Use SSL on Software Update Point

Since this message is a nuisance at best, and damaging to brand reputation and customer trust at not-so-best, it's ideal to update your SSL immediately once ...

13 IIS Server


Most places won't have two separate physical NetScaler pairs. The above topology can be achieved using a single pair of Netscalers, with network interfaces ...

Certificate authentication also requires a number of changes to the web reverse proxy configuration files. Due to the way TLS is negotiated with client ...


RDP Certificate error


Install the .cert file like any other cert but under the Install CA Certificate section of your NetScaler and not under Server Certificates.

I then applied 'full control' permissions to my FIM Synchronisation service account to the :\IBM\Lotus\ folder.

Screen shot of the Content Inspection Summary with Domain Name Rules On

My domain “uilson.net” contains the following servers:

With Create the first federation server in a federation server farm selected, click Next.

How to apply SSL certificate to RDS remote desktop service Windows 2016

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Charles Proxy on Android_Save Charles Root Certificate.jpg

Screen capture of the Potentially Unsafe Connection warning.

Get-Command -Module PKI


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... Server SSL Certificate Security Warning Message. Screenshot of an example security warning message.

34 clear ssl state

The NGINX Plus reference implementation for LDAP authentication includes the ldap-auth daemon and a

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In the appeared window, select Add a new certificate and click Next.


SSL with Visual Studio

From the Certificate drop down, Select the Friendly Name for the SSL certificate that will be used for this site.



Name the application e.g. Intune NDES. As for the internal URL, give it the value if your internal NDES server DNS name, e.g. https://ndes02.contoso,com.

Open image in new window ...

Screen shot of CSR Wizard - Purpose of certificate page

Open 'Complete Certificate Request' Wizard


The Barracuda Active DDoS Prevention Service can be configured and managed directly from your Barracuda Web Application Firewall.